• How Professional Mechanics Remove Car Scratches

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    Has the body of your car been affected by scratches due to a minor accident? Are you wondering about the best possible ways to remove the scratches in order to regain the unique look of your car? There can be various reasons behind scratches in a specific car. If you want to get rid of this issue then the best possible ways is to hire a professional mechanic dealing in denting and painting job. Are you wondering how do mechanics remove scratches from your car? If yes, then make sure to go through the lines that have been discussed below.

    1. Assess the nature of damage

    Before starting the job of scratch removal, the professional mechanics thoroughly determine the nature of the damage. They analyze the specific scratch to determine whether it’s a major one or just a minor issue. Minor scratches can be easily removed without any difficulty.

    2. Analyze the depth of the scratch

    This is certainly the next important point analyzed by the mechanics. The overall body of a car generally has four unique layers; steel, primer, color and transparent glossy coating. If the specific scratch has affected the steel body of the car then it will certainly be difficult for you to remove it without the help of a professional mechanic. By analyzing this information, it becomes easier for him to determine specific technique to remove the scratches in the best possible ways.

    3. Determine other areas that needs repair

    Besides a specific scratch, the mechanic also analyzes various other parts of the car that needs to be repaired. If you have dents in addition to scratches, you will need to look into paintless dent repair as a way to repair your car’s body.

    4. Wash the specific area thoroughly

    Before starting the job of scratch removal, the mechanic will thoroughly clean the specific area of the car that has been damaged due to scratch. They use mild soap in order to remove debris from the scratched area in an efficient way. They also spray water to adequately clean the specific area in a proper manner.

    5. Sand the scratched portion

    Then they use recommended dry/wet sandpaper in order to sand the specific portion of the car in an adequate manner. This technique helps in removal of ridges and sharp ends from the portion of the car that has got damaged due to scratches. This also works for dent removal, at least for minor accidents.

    6. Rinse the area adequately

    Then they use a soft and dry fabric to rinse the scratched portion of the car. This helps in removal of small dust particles from the body of the car.

    7. Applies the specific rubbing compound

    This is certainly one of the most important steps carried out by the experienced mechanics. You should take your car to a professional for auto dent repair. They apply a specific rubbing compound to efficiently remove the scratch portion from the body of your car. This is a unique compound used by the mechanics in order to remove the scratched area.

    8. Polish the rubbing compound

    They use a buffer machine to efficiently rub the compound on the body of your car. This effectively removes the scratch from the car.

    9. Wash and then wax it with polish

    After removing the scratch, they wash the whole body of the car in a proper manner and then wax it with a polish in order to give a glossy look to the body of your car.

    These are some of the vital ways by which the professional mechanics remove the scratch from the car in an efficient way.

  • A Guide on Choosing a Good Rhinoplasty Surgeon

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    Making the decision to get plastic surgery is very difficult, more so because you have to live with the results of the outcome. Due to such far reaching implications, it is very important to carefully research on a physician to hire to carry out your surgery. Arriving at such a decision is made worse by the fact that the marketplace today is highly commercialized. There is widespread marketing by physicians and even non physicians. To find a credible surgeon you need to carry out a thorough search and evaluate various credentials. You can find a well-respected plastic surgeon by visiting http://www.rhinoplastyinohio.com/ or a similar rhinoplasty website. Following is a guide to help you chose a qualified and reputable surgeon with a good track record;

    Ensure the surgeon is board certified

    Never sign up for a surgery by a surgeon who is not certified by the American Board of Plastic surgery which is overseen by American Board of Medical Specialties in the US. Surgeons have different specializations, therefore, ensure the doctor is certified in the area you are looking for. For example, in Cleveland, Ohio you can find a certified plastic surgeon at http://www.rhinoplastyinohio.com/cleveland/ . This is important because a doctor who is board certified must have had completed training in general surgery and followed up with training in plastic surgery specialty. These surgeons must also undergo written and oral tests every 10 years. In Canada, ensure the surgeon is certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Look at the surgeon’s website to check whether they are certified and confirm the certification by visiting the Board of Medical Specialties website.

    Review the surgeon’s track record

    When you visit a surgeon’s website you will be confronted with excellent customer reviews and high ratings. Never use this solely as your basis for making a judgment on whether to hire a surgeon or not. They never list any negative issues such as past malpractices. You can easily find such cases by visiting you state’s medical board website. Here you will find a list of malpractice judgments and any cases of disciplinary action by the board.


    Experience is very important in every specialty, more so in such a specialty like rhinoplasty surgery. Realistically, operating on a nose is very different from operating on a breast hence; you should favor one who has a wide experience doing rhinoplasty than the one who claims to have experience in both. This information can be found straight from the surgeon or on credible rhinoplasty sites such as http://www.rhinoplastyinohio.com/cincinnati/ . During an initial visit, ask about the surgeon how long he has been performing rhinoplasty surgery and how many cases he has handled.


    What might be attractive to your friend or family member might not give you the same impression. It is thus not advisable to completely rely on someone’s recommendation of a cosmetic surgeon or the surgeon’s experience. You need to ensure the surgeon shares your own aesthetic sensibility. You have to see tangible results. Look for previous patients who have a similar facial structure and are around the same age as you; find out whether their results look like what you are looking for. A surgeon should be willing to disclose a list of past clients who can be contacted for reference.

    State of the operating facility

    I bet you don’t want your nose job to be done on a back street facility but rather a safe facility that is fully equipped with necessary life support equipment in case something goes wrong. Check whether the facility is accredited and its level of accreditation

    Customer service and patient care

    You want to be handled and treated well. You can get a feel of how a facility is operated by observing how they treat people at their customer service desk. Check whether they are friendly and helpful, whether their fees are fully stated and fully-inclusive of all services. Try also calling the facility to see how they respond and whether the response is prompt.

  • How to Remove a Car Dent On Your Own

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    Getting a dent in your car is one of the things that are certain in life. Dents and the cost to repair them suck. However, dent removal on your car does not always need the attention of a professional. Besides, it is easy to remove minor dents from your car by yourself and it will not cost you much as compared to taking it to a professional. In addition, the instructions will not make your head spin. Most people do not know how they can remove minor dents from their car without taking it to a professional. However, if you are such kind of person, then this article will exclusively explore on how you can remove minor dents from your car without taking it to a professional.

    Use of dry ice

    Dry ice is locally and readily available in many places even in your local grocery store. It is very economical to use dry ice since it is cheap for everyone to afford. To remove the dent from your car, simply apply a chunk of it to the dent and let it sit for a few minutes. Remove it and wait until the cooled metal interacts with the hot air around it. You can repeat the process if the dent does not disappear after the first attempt. According to http://www.akronmobiledentrepair.com/ it is advisable to wear gloves since dry ice has an extremely low temperature, but it may be a good idea to seek professional assistance if you aren’t sure what you’re doing, because it can be dangerous.

    Use boiling water

    It is not that easy to remove dents in a plastic bumper even if you try to push out the dent due to the stiffness of the plastic. However, the easiest way to remove a dent in plastic bumpers is using boiling water. Boil some water in a pot and throw it on the dent. Reach the bumper immediately after pouring the water on it and try to pop the dent back in, like the professionals at http://www.akronmobiledentrepair.com/paintless-dent-repair-in-akron/ regularly do when they are repairing dents. The plastic should be a bit more flexible so that it can be very easy for you to put back into place. In addition, you will have to work quickly because the heat will not last very long. If a dent does not go out completely, you can keep dumping boiling water on it until the dent disappears.

    Use a hair dryer and compressed air

    A hair dryer and compressed air are two popular household products commonly used to remove minor dents in plastic bumpers. These two household products are readily accessible in most homes and it is the easiest, cheapest, and quickest way for dent removal in plastic bumpers. Using the hair dryer at its highest temperature, heat your car dent so that the plastic can expand. Grab the can of compressed air as soon as the plastic is hot and start spraying that same area. The dent will pop out from the bumper since the cold air will cause the plastic to contract according to the paintless dent repair specialists at http://www.akronmobiledentrepair.com/dent-removal-akron/ .

    Use a long metal rod and a knockdown

    When a dent occurs to your car, it also causes the surrounding edges of the dent to go upward, hence creating something that looks like a small volcano. However, it becomes hard to pop the dent out from underneath. Nevertheless, you can use a long metal rod underneath the dent and a knockdown on the top side in order to get the dent out of your car completely.

  • Why You Should Take Your Car to a Body Shop After an Accident

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    It is an unfortunate truth but as long as there are drivers on the road, there will be accidents. According to Forbes’ recent data from carinsurance.com, the majority of drivers will have at least 3 or 4 accidents during their lifetime, with approximately one accident occurring every 17.9 years! Fortunately, most of these accidents aren’t fatal and the statistics include minor fender benders. If you’ve experienced a minor collision, it might be tempting to just settle things yourself with the other driver and not have to deal with the hassle of going through insurance companies and auto body shops. After all, your car doesn’t even look that bad right? Unless you are a trained car mechanic, this is not such a good idea. Here’s why.

    The damage from your fender bender might look like a minor dent, or a little scratch on the bumper. Surely you or someone you know could fix this yourself – unless your car has been structurally damaged. When you take your car to a body shop, they will thoroughly inspect it to make sure that this isn’t the case. Structural damage to your vehicle can cause uneven wear on your tires and puts great stress upon your vehicle’s steering and braking systems. Drivers do not have the same control on the road of a vehicle that is not structurally sound, making the driver more likely to get into a more severe accident. Worst of all, you will spend more money later fixing the host of problems caused by the structural damage or misalignment of your car while your car’s value is dramatically reduced.

    If your car is a newer vehicle, your car may appear to drive fine after the accident but then suddenly little features inside of your car go haywire. Maybe your radio stopped working or your lights no longer turn on automatically. Most newer vehicles are basically computers on wheels; the systems tell them how to do almost everything. Sometimes a minor collision can damage a wire connected to this system. Even if the damage is only to a small part of the computer/electrical system, many important functions of the car can be affected. It might not seem like a big deal if you no longer get your favorite radio station to come in clearly, but it is a very big deal if things like your air pressure sensor, engine temperature sensor, and air bag sensors go on the fritz. Computer/electrical systems in newer cars are best fixed by trained professionals. You risk further damaging the fragile system by trying to repair a problem yourself, costing you more headaches and money in the future.

    After all, being able to take your car to a professional auto body shop is one of the best features of car insurance. Many insurance companies let their drivers choose the shop, and the estimate of your car’s damages is included in the repair process. If you are not at fault for the accident, you won’t have to pay for the repairs. If you are at fault you might have to pay a deductible, but you’ll actually be saving a great amount of many over time. By taking your car to a professional auto body shop, you’re making the road a safer place for yourself and all other drivers around you.